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Hands-on learning.              Real life connections that make science fun.          Grades 4-12. 

From building model boats or underwater ROVs, students exploring how things in their world really work.  What's in the control box that runs games?  How can a machine make a floating object sink or a car move?  Why can electricity be made from different sources, like wind, solar and fossil fuels?  

Now the fun learning really begins! 
Waterfront Services
Waterfront Services

Wickford, RI 02852
the down east motor vessel 
Sea Princess
the yacht Brandaris
the Wickford Harbor Launch General
SeaPerch -  Students teams (left) build submarines and practice underwater maneuvers at a local pool.  Trained Sea Perch Instructors guide students through engineering build steps of frame and component assembly.  Students work together as they explore applied concepts of electricity, buoyancy, propulsion & more. (Read more about SeaPech and the National Science Standard curriculum links here ).
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Children/Youth Camp
Wreck-It, Tinker, Fix - Exactly what does that thing-a-ma-jig do?  What's it called?  How do ...  The questions are endless, during the process of taking a machine apart.  This "no fail" program engages students as they learn about machines andtool use.  Through experience, students gain an understanding of why measuring, organizing and the principles of physics are important in our daily lives.  
•Special Needs Programs  - If you or your group needs extra care in order to access Narragansett Bay, the Brandaris Maritime staff is committed to serving your special needs.  We create custom, experience-based learning programs that meet the needs of special learners.  Clients serviced include St. Mary's Home for Children, Perspectives, Trudeau Center, Hearing Loss of RI and others.

Winter & Spring 2013After-school programs are available after-school for Providence middle students through the AfterZone programs and at Community Prep.  

During-school, bring real-world, experiential learning programs to the classroom that bring the science curriculum alive for the students.  Great learning takes place when Brandaris Maritime programs are integrated into the classroom.  Interested Teachers and Administrators can consult with Capt. Doug Somers for in-school programs.